Trump Faces Potential Lawsuit, Alleged Victim Defeated Him Twice, Considers New Claim

( – Author and former advice columnist E. Jean Carroll successfully sued Donald Trump in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York for battery and defamation. In May 2023, she received a $5 million award. A separate jury awarded her an additional $83.3 million in January 2024 after finding Trump defamed her shortly after the first civil trial concluded. A recent report indicated Carroll is considering her options against Trump after he publicly lashed out at her again.

Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan recently distributed a statement to various news agencies discussing the former president’s latest remarks about his client. The attorney didn’t say whether Carrol would file a new civil complaint against Trump.

Instead, Kaplan reminded the media outlets that he told reporters that “all options were on the table” several times since a jury awarded her damages in January, adding “that remains true today — all options are on.” Kaplan also referenced his previous statement that his office staff “continue to monitor every statement… Trump makes about [Carroll].”

The latest controversy centers around a Memorial Day statement Trump posted on his Truth Social page. The former president began his post by wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day, “including the human scum… working so hard to destroy our once great country” and the “Trump-hating federal judge in New York [who] presided over… TWO separate trials that awarded a woman” $91 million he only crossed paths with once, “25 years ago.”

Trump listed several grievances against Carroll. For instance, he said she sang his praises during an earlier CNN interview with Alison Cooper before changing “her tune in the second half.”

Trump also said Carroll didn’t have to produce the “dress” she said she was wearing during the assault, failed to file a police report about the incident, and didn’t know when the alleged assault happened.

The former president concluded his post by bashing New York Justice Arthur Engoron. He oversaw Attorney General Leticia James’ lawsuit against him and other members of the Trump organization. Engoron recently ordered Trump to pay roughly $450 million in damages, including pre-judgment interest and barred him from serving as a director or officer of a New York-based corporation or legal entity for three years.

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