Trump Endorsement Lands Brian Jack Primary Victory

( – Brian Jack, a former senior advisor to former President Donald Trump, is running for Congress to represent the Third District in Georgia. In early May, the former president endorsed Jack for his primary, stating he would be a “great congressman” who will work well with other Republicans in the House. Georgia’s primary occurred in May, but Jack failed to earn a majority of the vote, causing a runoff.

On June 18, Jack faced Mike Dugan in the runoff. He won by a landslide, earning 62.6% to Dugan’s 37.4% support. The former advisor will now advance to the general election in November, where he will face Democrat Maura Keller for the seat. That evening, during his victory speech, Jack first thanked God for his victory before adding that the other reason he won was because of Trump.

He told Breitbart News that he was only polling at 1% before the endorsement and 47% afterward in the primary. That percentage grew to over 60% just a month later. The candidate said his victory was proof that Trump’s endorsement power was “alive and well.” The former president has endorsed 255 candidates for their primary races with a 65% success rate so far. While that is still a majority, Trump’s endorsement boost has lost steam. In 2020, 97% of his 121 primary endorsements won their races, and 93% of his 241 endorsements clinched a victory in 2022.

Trump celebrated Jack’s primary run-off win on his social media platform, pointing out that he had endorsed the candidate.

Georgia’s Third District is located southwest of Atlanta, running along the Alabama state line. Representative A. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) has filled the seat since 2017 but chose not to run for re-election. He reportedly received several death threats after voting for Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) for House speaker after the ousting of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Republicans have held the seat since before Ferguson was voted into the spot in 2016.

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