Trump Drops Hint That Nikki Haley Will Be On His Team

( – Donald Trump called Nikki Haley everything in the book, from a RINO to a never-Trumper while campaigning for the Republican nomination. He continued bashing his GOP rival after she announced her decision to suspend her campaign in early March. Nevertheless, Haley recently announced her decision to vote for the former president in November. The following day, Trump shared his thoughts on his former UN ambassador and her possible future.

On May 23, News 12 Long Island political reporter Tara Rosenblum spoke with Trump shortly after the conclusion of his South Bronx campaign rally. She pointed out that Haley’s recent remarks characterizing Joe Biden’s presidency as a catastrophe. She said Haley’s announcement that she would vote for Trump left many people wondering about Haley’s future.

Rosenblum asked Turmp if there was room for Haley on his team or as his running mate.

Trump said he thought Haley would work with him because they shared many of “the same ideas, the same thoughts.” He also said he appreciated her recent remarks.

Trump conceded that the two political rivals had a “nasty” primary campaign but said that Haley was “a very capable person.” He also reconfirmed his certainty that she would be working with him in the future. “I’m sure [Haley] is going to be on our team in some form, absolutely,” he stated.

Rosenblum followed up by asking Trump if he would share the names of his three top contenders for his running mate “at this point.”

Trump said he didn’t want to name his top picks, saying he had several people in mind. He mentioned Senators JD Vance (R-OH) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) as possibilities, along with Dr. Ben Carson, his former secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Trump also noted that House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) was doing a “fantastic job.”

The former president said he thought he would announce his VP pick during the upcoming Republican National Convention.

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