Trump Appointee Files Lawsuit Against Biden Administration

Trump Appointee Files Lawsuit Against Biden Administration

( – Democrats spent the last four years undermining Donald Trump’s presidency, and President Joe Biden seems intent on undoing his policies as quickly as possible. He’s issued executive orders, memorandums, and proclamations at a breakneck speed, tossing aside many of the advances made during Trump’s time in office.

Now, it appears he is going after Trump’s appointees. However, Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) council member Roger Severino is fighting back against his ouster.

Severino was appointed to the conference for a three-year term in January 2021. However, he claims the White House Presidential Personnel Office Director Gautam Raghavan asked him to resign, or face termination, no later than February 3.

Instead, Severino filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration in federal court, releasing a statement claiming that, according to federal law, they lacked the authority to terminate him. He also pointed out the Trump administration took no action to remove any Biden/Obama administration holdovers in the department.

At this point, it looks like Biden has no plans to slow down his reversal of Trump’s legacy. What actions will he take next?

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