Trump Ally Launches Campaign for Office

Trump Ally Launches Campaign for Office

( – Georgia State Senator Burt Jones (R) has been a long-time supporter of Former President Donald Trump, both during his presidency and afterward. He has spearheaded the push to look into allegations of voter fraud during the 2020 election in Fulton County. Now he is taking Trump’s “America First” policies on the campaign trail.

On Tuesday, August 10, Jones announced his decision to run for Lieutenant Governor as a “champion” for Georgia families. He posted a short clip on his Twitter page to formally introduce his campaign and remind voters of his conservative background. The clip also noted he was the first Georgia official to “boldly” endorse Trump’s presidential bid.

Sen. Jones’ campaign website discusses his plan to create high-quality jobs by reducing government regulations and eliminating the state’s oppressive state income tax. He also plans to create safer communities statewide by supporting law enforcement officials and agencies and increasing funding for first responders.

Election integrity is of the utmost concern in the wake of the highly disputed 2020 presidential election, and Jones’ agenda includes securing future elections by increasing transparency and accountability. He also wants to initiate a “full, statewide investigation” into “documented irregularities” during the 2020 general elections.

Georgia’s 2022 Republican primaries are scheduled to take place in May. However, Donald Trump hasn’t endorsed a candidate for lieutenant governor yet.

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