Top Republican Weighs in on Next Biden Press Conference

Top Republican Weighs In On Next Biden Press Conference

( – Joe Biden reportedly spent a lot of his time during the 2020 campaign cycle safely tucked away in his Delaware bunker, avoiding press conferences. He appears to be continuing that pattern of hiding out and dodging media members more than two months into his presidency.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shed some light on the situation during an interview with Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney on Monday, March 29. According to her, Democrats don’t want to put him in front of reporters.

Democrats don’t want Biden in any format that places him in front of the media or Congress by himself, McEnany explained. Biden “tends to step in it,” she noted, adding he stumbles when asked follow-up questions during press conferences. “His tone [isn’t] robust,” and his answers are “insufficient.”

McEnany predicted Biden wouldn’t hold another formal press conference for another 100 days. Democrats prefer for him to act as the “sound-bite president,” she said.

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