Top Adviser Exposes Joe Biden’s Dangerous Plan

Former Adviser Offers Perspective on New Immigration Bill

( – A crisis is brewing at the nation’s southern border with Democratic lawmakers introducing a radical immigration reform bill on Friday, February 19. Promoted by Joe Biden on his first day in office, the legislation would pave the way for citizenship for about 11 million immigrants who currently don’t have legal status. Now, one of former President Donald Trump’s previous officials is speaking out.

Stephen Miller, a former senior policy adviser to Trump, spoke with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo about the impact of Biden’s immigration reform bill during a wide-ranging interview on Sunday, February 21.

Miller explained that America’s immigration policy forms the basis of what it means “to be a nation.” He claimed Biden’s policy would “erase the very essence of America’s nationhood,” raising serious questions about the country’s future were congress to pass the bill.

As Miller concluded, Biden’s plan will revoke Trump’s historic agreements with Mexico and other Latin American countries. It would also destroy immigration enforcement and restore the failed catch and release program. Does that sound like a good plan for America to you?

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