Tom Suozzi Sworn in After Ousting of George Santos

Tom Suozzi Sworn in After Ousting of George Santos

( – In December 2023, the House of Representatives voted to expel former Representative George Santos (R-NY) for ethics violations. That decision left the Republican seat open for a special election, giving Democrats a chance to make the GOP majority even slimmer in the Lower Chamber. Indeed, voters reinstalled former Representative Tom Suozzi (D-NY) to take Santos’ place in NY’s third congressional district.

On February 28, CBS News reported that Suozzi was sworn in, officially beginning his second stint in the House. The Democrat actually held the position before Santos but left the position to run for governor. While he lost the gubernatorial race, Suozzi was clearly not done with politics, jumping into the race to reclaim his seat in the Lower Chamber. His swearing-in was met with cheers from the gallery, filled with around 100 from Long Island who were happy about his return.

During his speech, Suozzi wondered if his addition to the House could be seen as a “fresh start” and an opportunity to “break” some of the chamber’s “bad habits.” The representative vowed to focus on “solutions,” likely referencing the dismal record of lawmaking for the 118th Congress. According to NPR, the Republican-led House only passed 27 bills through the end of December 2023, making it the least productive Congress in decades.

The NY legislator mentioned how Americans across the country have big worries that aren’t being addressed, like the cost of living, the border, and foreign issues in Israel, Gaza, and Ukraine. Suozzi said instead of helping people with those issues, “extremists [are getting] all the attention.” He indicated that needs to change. Suozzi addressed the House speaker directly, telling him that while compromise is difficult, it’s necessary.

The lawmaker plans to run for election during the regular cycle in November. Currently, Republicans hold 10 New York seats in the Lower Chamber, while Democrats control 16. The Left expects that stronghold to increase by at least two seats.

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