Tom Homan Makes Grim Prediction of Biden Immigration Policies

Tom Homan Makes Grim Prediction of Biden Immigration Policies

( – Fox News contributor Tom Homan has been an outspoken opponent of lax immigration policies for decades, and he has the experience to back up his claims. As a former border patrol officer, he served as the executive associate director of ICE during the Obama administration and as its acting director under Donald Trump.

Homan spoke out against Joe Biden’s immigration policy during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday, February 9. He told host Steve Doocy that Biden has turned the entire United States into a “sanctuary jurisdiction.”

He predicted Biden’s program would have dire consequences. “People will die,” he said, adding that Americans will fall victim to criminals who shouldn’t be here in the first place.

He also noted that the Biden administration is bringing millions of immigrants into the border who will be counted in the Census, affecting the allocation of members in the House of Representatives and Electoral College delegates. Biden’s immigration program is about “power over public safety,” he concluded.

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