Time’s Up CEO Announces Resignation Following Cuomo Scandal

Time's Up CEO Announces Resignation Following Cuomo Scandal

(RepublicanPress.org) – The TIME’S UP Foundation is a nonpartisan, non-profit group working to create a world free from “gender-based discrimination in the workplace and beyond.” Unfortunately, the group managed to get caught up with the controversy surrounding the misdeeds of now-disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D).

On Thursday, August 26, TIME’S UP head Tina Tchen announced her resignation following revelations the group worked closely with former Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa. The cooperation reportedly happened after accusations surfaced that the former governor had sexually harassed former staff member Lindsey Boylan.

Text messages obtained by The Washington Post revealed that Tchen killed a plan by subordinates to release an official statement showing support for Boylan after two individuals associated with TIME’S UP spoke with DeRosa.

The organization’s Board of Directors issued a public statement about Tchen’s resignation shortly after her announcement. It praised the accomplishments made by the foundation under her tenure.

The statement noted that its swift acceptance of Tchen’s resignation demonstrated the foundation’s commitment to accountability. It also said her departure would allow the group to move forward beyond the controversy.

Will the TIME’S UP Foundation be able to save its reputation following this resignation? Time will tell.

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