These Candy Bars Have a Bizarre Secret Ingredient

These Candy Bars Have a Bizarre Secret Ingredient

( – There is a popular saying, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Everyone might not embrace that concept once they discover a bizarre secret ingredient used to produce a popular candy bar in Russia and parts of Europe.

Generations of Russian children grew up eating Hematogen bars, a tasty treat made with typical ingredients like sugar, condensed milk, vanilla extract, and syrup. Its manufacturer promoted the treat as a “wholesome” nutrition bar and claimed it could aid children suffering from anemia, a condition characterized by a lack of iron.

However, there’s a catch to these treats’ so-called medicinal value. The bars contained a substance called black food albumin, which comes from processed cow blood. Each bar reportedly has at least 5% blood.

The end result is a treat resembling American Tootsie Rolls in flavor and texture. It turned out to be a great hit in Russia, where it remains wildly popular today. If you’re curious, you can purchase Hematogen from online marketplaces like Amazon, where it appears as an “Amazon’s Choice” selection in the iron mineral supplements category.

The Brits might find the bars fantastic, but it’s unclear whether the Russian treat would receive a warm reception in the United States.

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