Tensions Rise Between Afghan Doctors and Taliban Leadership

Tensions Rise Between Afghan Doctors and Taliban Leadership

(RepublicanPress.org) – The Taliban has largely been in charge of Afghanistan since August and the conditions for citizens have not improved. Unfortunately, Afghan doctors are now experiencing personal and professional difficulties as a result of the country’s new government.

Early this week, news reports broke that tensions between Afghan doctors and Taliban officials have reached a critical state. In mid-August, President Joe Biden’s administration froze billions of dollars of the Afghan government’s reserves that were being held in US banks, depriving the Taliban of ready access to cash. The freeze on Afghan assets and international economic sanctions have damaged Afghanistan’s banking sector. That has led to clashes between doctors and the Taliban over late salary payments. There are also critical supply shortages that are making it difficult for physicians to perform their duties.

Meanwhile, Taliban-appointed hospital administrators, like 22-year-old Mohammed Javid Ahmadi, are throwing additional wrenches into an already dire situation. According to news reports, Ahmadi’s only qualification for the post was a long-running dream to become a doctor one day.

Ahmadi plans to construct a mosque within the hospital. He also wants to segregate staff members by gender and encourage them to take time during the day for prayer. Nevermind unpaid doctors and rapidly diminishing medical supplies.

The Taliban continues pressuring the US to release much-needed funds. However, neither the Biden administration nor the international community trusts the extremist group not to misuse them.

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