Teenager Allegedly Kills Sister After She Elopes

Teenager Allegedly Kills Sister After She Elopes

(RepublicanPress.org) – American societal norms don’t include brutal behaviors like honor killings. But, sadly, in faraway places like India, they happen all too frequently. Such is the case of a teenager who allegedly killed his sister for eloping.

On December 7, news outlets reported that police officers in the Indian state of Maharashtra arrested a teenaged boy they suspected killed his sister. In June, the unnamed 19-year-old woman reportedly eloped with her lover after family members objected to their relationship because he came from a poorer family.

The woman didn’t have much contact with her family, but she met with her brother and mother the day of her murder. The boy allegedly attacked her with a sickle, beheading her while she prepared tea for everyone. Police officials also suspect the boy posed with his sister’s head for neighbors.

The teenage boy and his mother surrendered to law enforcement officials a few minutes later. The mother remains in police custody, awaiting further legal proceedings.

A lawyer for the boy claimed he was underage, so officials remanded him to a juvenile detention center. Police officials later said they found documents confirming the boy’s status as an adult and plan to appeal his detention order.

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