Teen Opens Fire at School, Killing Sixth Grader

Teen Opens Fire at School, Killing Sixth Grader

(RepublicanPress.org) – Overall, mass shootings in the United States have been up over the last several years, with 656 mass shootings reported by the Gun Violence Archive in 2023 — 10 more than the previous year and over 200 more than in 2019. So far, in 2024, the statistics aren’t looking much better, as there have already been two school shootings in the new year. One of those happened at a high school in Iowa.

On January 4, the New York Post reported that 17-year-old Dylan Butler entered Perry High School before 8 a.m. armed with a pump-action shotgun, an “explosive device,” and a small-caliber handgun and opened fire. He allegedly killed a sixth-grader, injured five others, and terrorized the school before killing himself. Before the shooting, Butler apparently posted a short TikTok from what appeared to be the school bathroom with the caption reading, “Now we wait.”

According to reports, the name of the 11-year-old student killed was Ahmir Jolliff. One of the other injured victims was identified as the principal of the school, Dan Marburger. The Easton Valley Community School District released a statement after the shooting. While they admitted not knowing the principal’s current condition, the district asked for “prayers to him and his family.” Marburger has reportedly served in his position since 1995.

The emergency response to the scene was swift, arriving just seven minutes after the initial call, which involved 150 police officers from several agencies. Assistant Director of Iowa Department of Public Safety, Mitch Mortvedt, said first responders deactivated the explosive after Butler killed himself. A community member reportedly speculated the motive for the shooting was a response to ongoing bullying. However, police have not officially confirmed that as the reason.

Dallas County Sheriff Adam Infante indicated during a press conference that the outcome could have been exponentially worse had Butler arrived at the school after the “opening bell.” The current condition of the victims is unknown, but the last report listed four in stable condition and one in critical but not life-threatening condition.

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