Ted Cruz Slams Blue States For Not Prosecuting Pro-Palestine Rioters

(RepublicanPress.org) – Pro-Palestine/anti-Israel protests recently exploded at American college and university campuses for several weeks but appear to have waned in the wake of mass arrests. Many of them devolved into full-scale riots, complete with violence and the destruction of public and private property.

The demonstrators echoed widespread allegations that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops were committing human rights abuses against civilians in the Gaza Strip, particularly in its southernmost region where tens of thousands of refugees had amassed since the Israel-Hamas War began in October 2023.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently blasted blue states for declining to prosecute those arrested rioters, citing the recent decision by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to release most of the detainees from Columbia University from custody without filing any charges against them.

Ted Cruz Blasts Democratic Prosecutor and Blue States for Declining To Prosecute Pro-Hamas Rioters

The Texas senator and his co-host, Ben Ferguson, discussed the Democratic prosecutor’s decision to release “pro-Hamas” protesters and blue states’ failure to enforce the law during the June 24 episode of “The Verdict with Ted Cruz Podcast.”

Ferguson kicked off the discussion by asking Cruz if he thought the pro-Hamas extremists would face any accountability in light of Bragg’s declination decision. “Is this just the Democratic Party… Alvin Bragg… the [George] Soros agenda?” he asked.

“Sadly, this is the base of today’s Democratic Party,” Cruz responded. Continuing, he noted that Soros pumped a lot of money into getting Bragg and other liberal district attorneys elected so they could do his bidding.

Cutting to the chase, Cruz said Democrats relied on the “votes of these radicals” to win elections. According to him, getting biased left-wing prosecutors into office fits perfectly into that scheme. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many arrests the police make if the DA ends up dropping charges.

Cruz also discussed the flip side of the equation. He told his co-host that radical pro-Hamas protestors and rioters don’t get away with that kind of lawless behavior in red states. He noted that if someone does that in Texas, Florida, Georgia, or Alabama, they “will be arrested… and prosecuted.

Using Texas A&M University as an example, Cruz noted that radicals aren’t threatening Jewish students attending that school. “You’re not seeing Jewish students afraid to go to classes,” he added.

The Scheme To Abolish the Police

Cruz drew a connection between local prosecutors’ decision not to pursue criminal charges and the efforts to shut down law enforcement agencies. “There are two ways to abolish the police,” Cruz began. “You take over the city… defund the police… [and] fire… officers.”

“The other way you abolish the police is to go after the DAs” by electing a Soros-backed prosecutor, Cruz began. He said that amounts to the same thing as shutting down the police because it doesn’t matter what they do to enforce the law. “They can catch the murderers… the rapists, and the DA says, ‘Nope, I’m going to let them go.'”

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