Swastika’s Displayed at Pro Hamas Rally

(RepublicanPress.org) – The ongoing war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas has sparked protests all across the globe. Many are calling for a ceasefire in the region to bring in humanitarian aid and bring hostages home. One person at a recent demonstration in London was reportedly carrying a swastika flag, prompting one Jewish woman to call on police for action.

On March 30, a video was reportedly taken during a pro-Palestinian rally of the woman discussing the issue with a Metropolitan Police officer. They were on the scene monitoring the event. She claimed another officer told her that a swastika wasn’t “necessarily antisemitic” or disrupting public order, and she didn’t understand that point of view.

The London officer she was speaking with began explaining what constitutes a disruption of public order. He said the law covers instances that are “likely to cause vast harm or stress,” stating the symbol itself didn’t necessarily violate the Public Order Act he was charged with upholding at the event.

The woman pressed him to tell her why a swastika doesn’t fit that category, to which the man responded that he didn’t determine whether it did or not. He said, “Everything needs to be taken in context,” as he didn’t witness the alleged event. She became increasingly upset that he would not explain to her in what context a swastika flag was a display of antisemitism. Still, the officer never confirmed that it wasn’t.

The woman then offered to lead him to the area where the swastika flags were allegedly being carried in the demonstration, but he declined, stating he couldn’t leave his post. The officer encouraged her to take the issue up with his colleagues who were policing that particular area.

After the video was shared on social media, the Metropolitan Police posted a response stating the clip only showed a portion of the 10-minute conversation. The department confirmed that the person holding the swastika sign “had already been arrested” prior to their interaction.

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