Suspended Principal Cashes in Big After 4 Years on Paid Leave

Suspended Principal Cashes in Big After 4 Years on Paid Leave

( – Nobody likes red tape. It gets in the way of efficiency and hinders progress along the way. However, poorly conceived school district regulations led to an obscene cash payout for a New York high school principal suspended for alleged misconduct.

Buffalo Public School District (BPSD) officials suspended McKinley High School Principal Crystal Boling-Barton towards the end of 2017. She filed a petition in January 2018 seeking to reverse her suspension, but the BPSD fought back, advising the court they were investigating Boling-Barton for the alleged misuse of funds.

The clock quit ticking due to inaction on the part of school officials until December 2019. At that time, BPSD officials initiated proceedings to terminate Boling-Barton’s unemployment permanently. However, as 2021 rapidly draws to a close, the school district still hasn’t conducted any hearings, and she remains on paid leave.

As a result, the local taxpayers paid Boling-Barton’s wages totaling $606,000 over the roughly 4-year span of her suspension. Making matters worse, it doesn’t appear that anything will likely happen with her case before the end of the year.

The Buffalo News reported that Boling-Barton and BPSD representatives planned to hold a hearing in December, but the arbitrator assigned to oversee the negotiations suddenly dropped the case. Until the parties decide on a replacement, it looks like the issue will stay in limbo for the foreseeable future.

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