Surgeon in Trouble After Making Huge Mistake

Surgeon in Trouble After Making Huge Mistake

( – In the medical field, some mistakes occur that should never happen. While doctors are only human and make errors, some are more inexcusable than others because they only require following safety protocols to avoid them. For one patient in Austria, an event significantly changed his life.

On December 1, a Linz, Austria, court ruled a Freistadt clinic surgeon was guilty of gross negligence for amputating the wrong leg of an elderly patient. The doctor marked the incorrect leg during a pre-surgery consultation, leading to the surgical blunder.

Nobody noticed the mistake until a routine bandage change. At that time, the 82-year-old man learned he would have to have his other leg, the correct limb, amputated as well.

The clinic’s director made a public apology at the time of the event and blamed the error on issues within the chain of command. The surgeon could not explain why she marked the wrong limb when asked in court.

Situations like this should never happen, but they are very rare. In the US, such a case could get millions of dollars in damages for a victim. In this instance, the doctor received a fine of only $3,050, and the family of the patient, who had died before the ruling, received only about $5,651.

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