Super Fog Causes Deadly Multi-Vehicle Incident

Super Fog Causes Deadly Multi-Vehicle Incident

( – Louisiana officials and residents have struggled to combat unprecedented heat, a long-running drought, and wildfires since summer began. Making matters worse, a phenomenon known as “super fog” recently struck a major highway northeast of New Orleans, causing a deadly pile-up.

Media outlets exploded on Monday, October 23, with the news that the massive fog blanket engulfed a portion of Interstate 55 in St. John the Baptist Parish. Lance Scott spoke with local Fox affiliate WUVE about the incident. He said he’d never experienced similar driving conditions before. He noted that he’d traveled across southern Louisiana for years through fog. However, he said it was “total fog” this time, similar to something you’d encounter in the Central Valley of California.

The Louisiana State Police (LSP) issued a brief press release detailing their ongoing investigation into the resulting pile-up. Their preliminary inquiry indicated that as many as 158 vehicles, perhaps more, were involved in the incident.

The LSP said it confirmed the death of seven individuals as of Monday evening. Likewise, first responders transported more than 25 people to nearby hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to critical. Additionally, several other victims sought medical treatment at area medical facilities. As of Tuesday, it was revealed that an eighth person had died.

The National Weather Service reports that super fog occurs when “damp smoldering organic material” like trees, leaves, and brush combines with cooler air near the saturation point. This condition reduces visibility to “less than 10 feet” and has caused numerous multi-vehicle pile-ups in the past.

Contributing to the carnage, the LSP reported that a portion of the massive crash screen caught fire shortly after the incident began. Of additional concern, workers struggled to quickly off-load hazardous material from a tractor-trailer with a compromised tank as a result of the pile-up.

The LSP reported that other bodies could be located as they cleared the wreckage. The law enforcement agencies advised anyone missing a family member who was traveling down I-55 Monday morning to contact its office by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-504-471-2775.

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