Sudanese Army Carried Out Coup Despite Warnings From US

Sudanese Army Carried Out Coup Despite Warnings From US

( – Since the forceful removal of former President Omar al-Bashir in 2019, civilians and the military have shared power in Sudan through a Sovereign Council. In recent weeks, tensions increased between the two groups, as they disagreed about the direction of the country. In response, President Joe Biden deployed the US envoy for the Horn of Africa to speak with the Sudanese Army’s top General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan to diffuse the situation.

When the envoy arrived in Sudan, group member Jeffrey Feltman spoke to the general and warned him against making any moves to thwart the efforts of the existing civilian-military council set to transition Sudan to civilian rule in 2023.

Despite the advice from the United States, al-Burhan instructed his army to arrest Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok along with his wife and other members of his cabinet, carrying out a successful coup and seizing power of the country on October 25.

The History of Coups in Sudan

Hamdok and his wife have since returned home, but it’s unknown if they are free to move about the region.

Before the takeover, the army gave Hamdok a chance to cooperate with them against the civilians of the African country. The prime minister’s refusal and his call on the civilians of Sudan to protest military rule sealed his fate.

Coups are nothing new in Sudan, with its military carrying out several over the last 65 years. General al-Bashir mounted a successful takeover in 1989 and stayed in power for 30 years, welcoming such guests as Osama bin Laden and facing charges of genocide until the army removed him in 2019.

Since then, the Sudanese Army has been working with the civilian side to transition leadership back to non-military personnel. Negotiations broke down when the civilians voiced their desire to control the military, and another coup plot started to brew.

In fact, the army formed a recent takeover attempt on September 21, but failed.


While communication is scarce coming out of Sudan, Burhan said he suspended the country’s constitution and removed the state governors from their positions. Many Sudanese residents started protesting on October 28, demanding that the military honor the 2019 agreement.

Around the world, nations are standing with Sudan. The Biden administration expressed its alarm at the unfolding events, while the UK called the coup an “unacceptable betrayal.” The United Nations also stated their support for the Sudanese people and called for the release of Sudan officials. The White House also paused emergency assistance for the region, which was supposed to support the country’s upcoming democracy.

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