Study Reveals Potential Benefits of Drinking Coffee and Tea

Study Reveals Potential Benefits of Drinking Coffee and Tea

( – Americans love drinking coffee and tea. Market and consumer data company Statista reported that 43% of Americans drink coffee daily, and 23% consume tea. As it turns out, consumption of those beloved beverages could come with some excellent potential health benefits.

On November 16, PLOS Medicine published a study revealing that individuals who drink coffee and tea, together or separately, experience a decreased risk of suffering dementia or a stroke. Additionally, consumers of coffee drank alone or with tea also have a lower risk of experiencing dementia after having a stroke.

Researchers from China’s Tianjin Medical University conducted the study using 360,000 participants over 14 years, ending in 2020. The study found that drinking an average of about 2 to 3 cups of coffee with a similar amount of tea was associated with a 32% decreased risk of suffering a stroke and a 28% chance of lowering the chances of developing dementia.

However, the study noted “causality [could] not be inferred” from its findings. It simply indicated a potential benefit of drinking coffee and tea together. The study also noted that drinking coffee or tea alone decreased the odds of having a stroke or suffering dementia.

The study noted it could be of particular interest to “clinicians involved in the prevention and treatment of stroke[s], dementia, and poststroke dementia.” So, if you get a chance, pour yourself another cup of Joe.

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