Steve Bannon Says Trump Will Run in 2024 If He Loses

Steve Bannon Says Trump Will Run in 2024 If He Loses

( – Whatever happens in 2020, it won’t be the end for Donald Trump. Former Trump campaign CEO and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon dropped a major election bomb during an October 18 interview.

Sharri Markson, a Sky News host and editor-at-large for The Daily Telegraph, reported that Bannon thinks President Trump will win the hotly-contested presidential election in November. However, he discussed the possibilities should Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden somehow manage to win the election.

According to Bannon, he believes Trump will run again in 2024 were that to happen. You won’t “see the end of Donald Trump,” he added.

The former chairman of Breitbart News departed the White House in late 2017, but remained a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. Bannon and the president had a bit of a falling out since his departure from the White House. But, in recent months, insiders say the president has spoken positively about Bannon.

The election is less than three weeks away, and according to Pew Research, only about half of registered voters say they expect to learn the results within “a day or two.” It could be a while before America knows if Bannon’s prediction remains relevant or not.

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