States Rise Up Against Big Tech

States Rise Up Against Big Tech

( – Big tech companies censoring conservative voices isn’t anything new. However, these companies have taken matters to the extreme in the wake of the riot at the nation’s capital on January 6.

On March 10, Media Research Center hosted a Zoom meeting with the attorneys general of three states to address the growing rise of online censorship and cancel-culture.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told the conference his office sent out formal investigative demands to Google, Amazon Web Services, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter. Texas, along with nine other states, headed up a lawsuit against Google for its anti-competitive advertising practices in December 2020.

According to Paxton, there’s no better time than the present to move against Big Tech before they get more power and money. Republican attorneys general Lynn Fitch of Mississippi and Leslie Rutledge of Arkansas also attended the video conference.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida spearheaded states’ efforts to push back against big tech companies. In February, he announced new legislation protecting the users of social media sites from censorship practices. Currently, 19 state-level attorneys general are pursuing action to rein in big tech companies.

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