States Divided on Vaccine Passports

States Divided On Vaccine Passports

( – Controversy continues to surround the use of vaccine passports, a method of confirming a person has received the COVID-19 vaccination. Reaction to the passports remains mixed within the 50 states.

The Republican governors of Texas and Florida already banned the practice by executive order. The Republican governors of Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, and Tennessee have also expressed strong opposition to vaccine passports.

All of them expressed concern about the possible infringement of personal freedoms if they adopted the measure. Among other issues, the US Supreme Court upheld the right to privacy on a person’s medical decisions decades ago.

On the flip-side, New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his state would be adopting the use of passports in a program called the “Excelsior Pass.” Certain businesses and event venues will require them for entry.

The Democratic governor of Hawaii, David Ige, says the state is currently testing the required technology to use passports. Illinois’ Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker says he supports the system, but only if it’s voluntary. He doesn’t believe individuals should be banned from any events or facilities if they don’t have one.

On the plus side, the Biden administration recently confirmed it wouldn’t push for a nationwide vaccine passport system.

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