State Senator Wants to Make Ballot Drop Boxes Illegal

Senator Wants to Make Ballot Drop Boxes Illegal

( – The country is still reeling from allegations of ballot irregularities and voter fraud during the 2020 elections. Several states enacted new election laws to prevent future issues. A Georgia senator recently introduced legislation aimed at making ballot drop boxes illegal.

On December 13, Georgia’s Senate President Pro Tempore Butch Miller (R) introduced a bill that would eliminate the use of drop boxes statewide. Miller pointed out that the state adopted the use of drop boxes in response to concerns regarding COVID-19. However, he says the time is right to return to pre-pandemic election procedures.

Miller also pointed out several counties failed to properly secure ballot boxes from tampering. For instance, he said many failed to install the required surveillance cameras to monitor them.

One of the biggest challenges facing future elections concerns public confidence that their votes matter. According to Miller, discontinuing the use of drop boxes moving forward is a sure-fire way to regain voters’ trust.

Pushing election reform measures isn’t new to Miller. He authored a sweeping new election legislation that passed in March. Although that bill tightened restrictions on ballot boxes, it didn’t eliminate them. The senator says he wanted to take the next obvious step and “restore Georgian’s faith in our election systems.”

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