State Department Accused of Taking Undue Credit for Rescue Mission

State Department Accused of Taking Undue Credit for Rescue Mission

( – President Joe Biden’s botched evacuation from Afghanistan resulted in the abandonment of multiple US citizens and allies. As a result, they are increasingly relying on assistance from private groups. However, that reality isn’t stopping the administration from allegedly taking credit for daring rescues.

On September 6, the State Department announced that US officials “facilitated” the overland escape of four American citizens from Afghanistan, a mother named Mariam and her three children. It added that US Embassy staff greeted them upon their arrival. However, US Army combat veteran Cory Mills, the organizer of their escape, told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade that claim is untrue.

Fox News reported that Mills and a team of veterans led the rescue effort using private donations from groups like the Sentinel Foundation. The woman’s congressman, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), alerted Mills about the situation.

The team was able to get Mariam to a safe house out of harm’s way until they could plan her escape. They had hoped to get her and the children out on a private charter flight. When that effort failed, they resorted to traveling by land to an unspecified bordering country.

Mills said it was “absolute nonsense” for the State Department to try to take credit when it failed to make an effort to alleviate any of her fears and concerns after she contacted them multiple times.

Rep. Jackson said the only thing the Biden administration appears good at taking credit for is “a job horribly done” and “lying” about its role in the rescue.

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