Spy Chief’s Wife in Ukraine Reportedly Poisoned

Spy Chief's Wife in Ukraine Reportedly Poisoned

(RepublicanPress.org) – As the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR MO), Lt. Gen. Kyrlo Budanov is considered a behind-the-scenes mastermind of the war torn country’s covert efforts to defeat Russian military forces. A deeply hated figure in Russia, he’s survived several attempts on his life, including a failed car bombing. Recent reports indicated his wife was the victim of a poisoning, although the source of the poisoning has not yet been confirmed.

On November 28, Ukrainian news outlet Babel reported that medical officials hospitalized Budanova’s wife, Marianna, after she suffered from a “prolonged deterioration of her health.” An unnamed HUR MO source confirmed that she suffered from heavy metal damage.

The official explained that those toxic substances detected in her system aren’t used in “everyday life and military affairs.” As such, “their presence could indicate a deliberate attempt” to poison her.

The Kyiv Independent picked up the story and reported Ukrainian officials confirmed the poisoning of the Ukrainian intelligence chief’s wife with a representative from the HUR MO. However, that official spoke off the record and wouldn’t provide additional details.

Later that day, HUR-MO spokesman Andrii Yusov issued a statement to Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe officially acknowledging the incident. He also confirmed that she was undergoing active treatment to offset the effects of the toxins.

The latest reports from Ukrainian news sources revealed that Budanova completed the first stage of treatment. The Ukrainska Pravda reported that medical officials tested her for toxins after she complained of feeling unwell for an extended period.

Those tests revealed the presence of poison. An unnamed source explained that Budanov quickly developed symptoms from the toxic substance since she’s “quite petite and lightweight.”

Several other individuals associated with the HUR MO are also receiving treatment for heavy metal poisoning. Since they were “bigger-built,” the toxins were detected before they exhibited any symptoms.

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