South Carolina Sergeant Gets Back at Scammer for Impersonating Him

South Carolina Sergeant Gets Back at Scammer Impersonating Him

( – According to a 2023 report by the Federal Trade Commission, 2.4 million consumers were the victims of fraud the previous year, losing nearly $8.8 billion overall. The top five scams included imposter and online shopping scams, lottery or prize-winning tricks, and fake investment, business, and job opportunities. Recently, one sergeant targeted a scammer who was impersonating him.

On January 10, the New York Post reported that South Carolina Sheriff Sergeant Kevin Casey from York County received reports that someone was impersonating him and calling victims to say the victims were in legal trouble. Casey decided it would be a good idea to call the prankster himself to rattle his feathers a bit and put an end to the scam. The York County Sheriff’s Office recorded the interaction and posted it on social media as a scam alert and asked viewers to watch until the end of the video.

The first time the sergeant called the fraudster, he said his name was Frank, and he was returning the scammer’s call. The man hung up, claiming he would look up the name, so Casey called back. This time, the SC officer said his name was Jeff Myers. He told the perpetrator he received a “call regarding a legal matter” and asked for Sergeant Kevin Casey. Again, the alleged impersonator hung up. On the third call, the sergeant told the scammer who was really calling, said he didn’t even have a “thick southern accent,” and informed the man that he needed to stop calling people and impersonating him. Casey also promised to “pay [him] a visit.”

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson also reportedly called the scammer, telling him that his office never asks residents for money over the phone. He told the man to “quit” calling unsuspecting victims. It’s unclear if police were able to identify the suspect.

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