Soros Pumps $81 Million To Censor Online Election Speech

( – George Soros is a wealthy hedge-fund manager known for his progressive views, support of liberalism, and philanthropy. The businessman is also a donor to the Democratic Party and a target for Conservative conspiracies. Recently, MRC NewsBusters claimed he funded at least 45 groups that joined over 150 others to contact tech companies ahead of the November elections with some requests. Soros reportedly contributed over $80 million to the 45 groups from 2016 through 2022.

On April 9, more than 200 organizations, journalists, and researchers wrote a letter to Google, Meta, TikTok, X, Reddit, and others with what they referred to as an “urgent request.” They asked Big Tech to “increase platform integrity efforts to protect democracy in 2024,” noting that dozens of countries around the world were holding national elections this year. The signers claimed there was “evidence” that democracy was beginning to giveaway to authoritarianism worldwide.

The communication listed six requests, including moderation of “content around the Big Lie,” establishing rules regarding generative AI in political advertising, enforcing moderation for everyone equally, preventing “deepfakes in political ads,” and improving “transparency.” The letter asked for a response that same month.

Maria Ressa, Nobel Laureate CEO of Rappler and founding member of the Real Facebook Oversight Board, stated that without the “integrity of facts, you cannot have the integrity of elections,” adding that it was essential to protect the world’s “public information ecosystem.” However, MRC believes the intentions are much more nefarious. The publication believes the groups are using their influence to push Big Tech to censor election information and hinder free speech.

Free Press is one of the signatories on the letter sent to the tech companies, which MRC reported is also the same group that helped ban former President Donald Trump from Twitter for spreading the Big Lie. The publication claimed that the Free Press wants to censor voices and gain control of the Internet.

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