Smirking Kamala Ignores Reporters’ Questions About Hamas, Reportedly Offers Sarcastic Response

( – Media outlets erupted on May 6 with the news that Hamas had agreed to the terms of a cease-fire proposal presented by Qatar and Egyptian officials. Later that day, Breaking 911 posted a short clip showing reporters lobbing questions at Kamala Harris as she exited a southern-style eatery in Detroit, Michigan. Some conservative media outlets reported that the vice president smirked at reporters and issued a sarcastic response when they asked about Hamas.

A review of a 12-second video of the encounter showed Harris smiling at reporters as she walked a few feet to her car. A reporter can be heard attempting to ask a question.

“Madam vice president, Hamas – ” the reporter started to ask as Harris said, “Shimp and grits,” adding, “That’s what you wanted to know,” as she pointed to her bag of food and entered the back seat of a parked SUV.

The reporter continued talking over her, completing his question. “Hamas says it accepted a cease-fire deal. Your reaction?” he asked. Other journalists could be heard in the background asking similar questions.

While it’s a matter of opinion whether the vice president smirked at reporters or smiled, she clearly didn’t attempt to answer the reporters’ questions. President Joe Biden’s administration continues taking heat for its controversial handling of the mounting humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip as Hamas and Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continue their armed conflict in the region.

As it turned out, Israel rejected the proposed cease-fire’s terms, stating the agreement didn’t match their conditions for a temporary halt to fighting. The Associated Press reported that IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari confirmed that Israel would “continue” their ongoing military operations in Gaza.

However, roughly an hour later, the AP reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other high-ranking officials had approved a military operation in Rafah, and IDF troops had begun striking targets there.

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