Small Communities See Influx of Police Officers

Small Communities See Influx of Police Officers

( – The past year has taken a toll on police officers, particularly those working in large metropolitan areas. Months of nationwide protests and calls to “defund the police” have allegedly driven many law enforcement officers to resign. However, it appears many of them have found a way to put their training and experience to good use.

A May 24 report by the Washington Examiner revealed efforts by smaller communities to hire law enforcement officials driven from their jobs in big cities. As it turns out, rural police departments and those serving towns and villages are welcoming experienced police officers to serve.

In some instances, high-ranking officials have turned to smaller communities for employment, taking numerous members of their old departments with them. In April, The Oregonian reported that Portland’s former assistant chief of police became the chief in neighboring Boise, and several officers accompanied him.

While it’s a good thing that smaller communities are providing new jobs for police officers, significant concern remains over anticipated spikes in crime due to the reductions in the number of officers in big cities. With any luck, those concerns won’t prove true.

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