Shots Suddenly Fired at Mall of America, Terrifying Shoppers

Shots Suddenly Fired at Mall of America, Terrifying Shoppers

Shots FIRED – Police Take Action After Terrifying Shooting!

( – The American public remains on edge in the face of rising gun violence while Washington lawmakers spar about the best way to handle it. Schools no longer appear safe, nor do parades. Most recently, shots rang out in a Minnesota mall, terrifying shoppers.

Local ABC News affiliate WCCO-TV reported that officials locked down the Mall of America (MOA) on August 4 for nearly two hours after an individual opened fire inside the Twin City shopping center.

Police Chief Booker Hodges told reporters an unknown person opened fire at about 4:15 p.m. and officers stationed at the complex quickly initiated a lockdown. Officials sounded the all-clear shortly after 6 p.m. The following day, police officials confirmed that no one sustained injuries during the incident.

According to reports, the shooting occurred after a fight between some young adults at the mall’s Nike Store. Two of the men allegedly involved were 21-year-old Shamar Lark and 23-year-old Rashad May. After they left the scene, Lark reportedly returned and fired several shots with a gun.

Jodiss Pierre, a mallgoer, told WCCO-TV he was about to enter the store with his family when he heard a “commotion” and “pop-pop-pop.” He said they ran to the nearest exit. “You duck… then you run,” he explained.

Chief Hodges said law enforcement officials initially thought the suspects fled to a nearby Best Western Hotel. His officers maintained a presence there for hours but did not locate them.

On August 8, police announced that they arrested three people in connection to the incident. Apparently, the three suspects, Denesh Raghubir, Selena Raghubir, and Delyanie Kwen-Shawn Arnold are accused of helping Lark and May shooting escape. Two of these individuals reportedly work for the Best Western where police originally searched for the suspects. Authorities still haven’t found Lark and May.

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