Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Rips Into AOC “Wouldn’t Let Her Manage A Candy Store!”

( – Longtime “Shark Tank” co-host Kevin O’Leary recently ran to lead the Conservative Party of Canada, but he isn’t a typical conservative. Yes, he supports former President Donald Trump. However, he describes his outlook on social policies as “very liberal” since he backs abortion, gay rights, legal marijuana, assisted suicide, and feminism. Nevertheless, he has a history of criticizing liberal firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), most recently during an on-air interview.

O’Leary recently sat down for an interview with former professional wrestler and frequent Fox News guest Tyrus that aired on his “Maintaining with Tyrus” podcast on April 7. The conversation turned to AOC, and to his credit, O’Leary didn’t hold back any punches.

Mr. Wonderful started by talking about AOC’s incredible success as a politician. However, he quickly pivoted to her shortcomings. O’Leary told Tyrus that her district looked “like a third world county,” sarcastically adding that she’s “great at social media and making outrageous statements.”

O’Leary said, “Wow! Look [at] what [AOC] did when Amazon came knocking for 10,000 jobs,” a reference to Ocasio-Cortez’s call for high taxes and strict regulation on the Big Tech company when it proposed splitting its headquarters between Long Island, New York, and Crystal City, Virginia, in 2019. The company eventually abandoned those plans, citing a lack of support from local politicians.

“Why would you reward that?” O’Leary rhetorically asked. He suggested that a reasonable person would say, “Excuse me, can I get a better manager, please?”

Turning his attention to Tyrus, O’Leary said he lived and worked in New York City, and it was perfectly reasonable to hire someone else to represent the hard-working residents of AOC’s district. O’Leary noted that being able to say, “We can do better,” is one of the greatest aspects of living in a democracy.

When Tyrus asked if he had a personal issue with AOC, the Shark Tank host confirmed that he didn’t have one. But he dug his heels in regarding his complaints about her business style. “What did I say that wasn’t true?” he proclaimed. She’s a great politician. Let’s celebrate that,” he added.

Tyrus concluded the interview by asking O’Leary if he “would pass” if AOC was a business. “Let me be specific,” O’Leary answered, “I wouldn’t hire [AOC] to manage a candy store.”

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