Settlement Reached in TikTok Lawsuits

Settlement Reached in TikTok Lawsuits

( – Social media sites have a well-documented history of allegedly infringing on users’ rights by collecting personal data without their expressed consent. The FTC and other regulatory agencies have imposed fines and hit them with court orders in the past. However, allegations and lawsuits persist. TikTok, for instance, just got hit with a reality-check the company isn’t likely to forget any time soon.

On November 15, TikTok posted a network-wide notice to users that they might be eligible to receive a portion of a recent $92-million settlement in a class-action lawsuit involving its collection of private information. The notification directed platform users to a page on its company site detailing eligibility requirements. They can go here to submit their claims.

The settlement divided users into two groups, a plaintiff class that includes all individuals residing in the United States and a subclass of individuals who live in Illinois. In both instances, TikTok members who used the app or its predecessor app,, before the end of September could be eligible to receive a portion of the settlement.

Users have until the January 31, 2022, deadline to either object to the terms of the agreement or to exclude themselves from receiving a payout. Individuals interested in receiving compensation under the settlement have until March 1, 2022, to submit a claim.

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