Settlement Finally Reached in Flint Water Scandal

Settlement Finally Reached in Flint Water Scandal

( – In September 2015, a group of physicians urged city officials in Flint, Michigan, to quit using the Flint River as the source for its municipal water system after finding unsafe levels of lead in local children’s blood samples. More than six years later, a settlement has finally been reached between residents and officials.

On Wednesday, November 10, District Judge Judith Levy approved a $626 million settlement for the victims of the two-year crisis surrounding the contaminated water supply. Thousands of former and current Flint residents filed a lawsuit against the state of Michigan.

Judge Levy called the settlement a “remarkable achievement.” As she explained, the agreement established a “comprehensive compensation program and timeline” consistent with the damages and ongoing needs of “every qualifying” victim of the mishap.

The majority of the settlement will go to children exposed to the toxic water and to adults, business owners, and anyone else who paid the municipality for access to water. Under the terms of the settlement, the state of Michigan will pay the bulk of the $626 million. State prosecutors dropped all pending criminal charges against state and local officials last year.

At this point, the operative question is simple — is this settlement too little too late considering all the damage done to the community?

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