Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler Makes Startling Claim

Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler Makes Startling Claim

( – The concept of time travel is nothing new. Classic writers like Mark Twain and H.G. Wells wrote about the subject over 100 years ago. Hollywood has made far too many blockbusters about it to list here. However, it’s not every day that a self-proclaimed time traveler steps out of the shadows.

TikTok user Aery Yormany (@aesthetictimewarper) has been posting predictions on his/her account since June 1. The so-called time traveler predicted animals that would be extinct in a clip cross-posted to Twitter.

Yormany posted a particularly interesting clip on September 1, claiming a celebrity will publicly admit to faking their death in under than six months. According to the post, the individual will discuss where he has been and exactly how he managed to stay hidden for so many years.

As of Friday, September 17, the clip has received over 131K likes and more than 10.8K comments. As one might expect, TikTok users are going wild trying to guess which dead celebrity will return. Michael Jackson’s name has arisen several times along with the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin and the usual suspects like Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, and Jimmy Hendrix.

Yormany’s TikTok account currently has about 950K followers, the user promises to reveal his/her identity once it reaches a million.

What celebrity would you like to see return from the dead?

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