Secret Service Under SCRUTINY After Harris Accident

Kamala Harris Was Reportedly in Minor Car Accident

Kamala Harris Was Reportedly in Minor Car Accident

( – On a typical day, one doesn’t hear much about the Secret Service, as they are the silent and highly-trained shields keeping the highest-ranking members of the United States safe. Its personnel has been under some scrutiny lately, however, after the organization reportedly had a difficult time back in July producing communication records around January 6, causing some controversy over the workers’ integrity. Recently, the agency has been the subject of more media scrutiny.

On October 3, a Secret Service member driving Vice President Kamala Harris through Washington, DC, hit the curb hard enough to bring the motorcade to a halt. Agents quickly moved the Veep to another vehicle to drive her to the White House. Naturally, the incident raised questioned about what exactly occurred.

While accidents do happen, the communication that followed is what garnered the most attention. At first, the agents told senior leadership there was a “mechanical failure” with Harris’ SUV, according to The Washington Post, forcing them off the road and leading to the transfer. After the fact, it was revealed the vehicle didn’t have any such failure but hit a high curb instead. Spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi reported this new information to the public, adding nobody was injured.

An anonymous source was reported by NBC News saying the truck containing Harris was traveling at a high rate of speed through the city when the incident happened: 50 mph.

What do you think of the change in story after this accident?

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