Sean Hannity Speaks up for Chris Cuomo

Sean Hannity Speaks up for Chris Cuomo

( – New York’s former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace in August amid multiple scandals. CNN indefinitely suspended his brother, Chris Cuomo, on November 30 after the New York Attorney General’s Office released documents that revealed potentially improper contact between the younger Cuomo and the governor’s aides. As it turned out, Chris recently found an unlikely ally in Fox News host Sean Hannity.

On November 30, Hannity closed his nightly show by sharing his thoughts on Cuomo’s suspension. He began by reminding viewers that he doesn’t support cancellations or firings. The Fox News host also noted that he defended the free speech rights of several individuals he disagreed with in the past, like Bill Maher, Don Imus, and Joy Reid.

Turning his attention to Chris Cuomo, Hannity conceded that he “mishandled the mess with his brother.” He said were he to venture a guess, the former governor probably wasn’t honest with Chris about the many allegations lodged against him. Clearly, Andrew Cuomo was facing huge problems.

However, “helping a brother… in the worst moment of [his] life” probably isn’t the “worst offense,” even though Chris Cuomo mishandled the situation in terms of using his clout at CNN.

Hannity concluded his remarks stating he believed in “second chances,” as long as the offending party offers an apology, something he expected Cuomo to do if CNN allows him to return. “But, it’s you the audience,” Hannity said, who gets to decide if you think the apology is sincere.

What do you think? Do you agree that Cuomo deserves a second chance?

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