School Board President Caught in Sinister Plot to Meet With 11-Year-Old Girl — Alone

School Board President Caught in Sinister Plot to Meet With 11-Year-Old Girl -- Alone

School Board President FIRED Over Disturbing Plot

( – Sometimes, the best intentions can work against citizens making good faith efforts to protect their communities. A recent scandal involving the resignation of a small-town school board president serves as an example of a situation that might not turn out as expected, thanks to the intervention of a couple of local child advocacy groups.

Sting Operation Snares Potential Child Predator

On Saturday, April 23, two branches of the Indiana-based Predator Catchers, Inc. (PCI) live-streamed an 84-minute video on YouTube showing a sting operation involving a potential child predator. The clip shows group members confronting John Gray, a 60-year-old who traveled from Cincinnati to Indiana to meet an individual he met online. Unbeknownst to Gray, the 11-year-old girl he thought he was talking to online were PCI activists.

The video shows members of the groups confronting Gray in a local Dollar General market shortly after he exited his car, expecting to meet the underage girl. Instead, PCI members introduced themselves to Gray and explained they had called the police, but wanted to talk to him about some text messages he had been sending.

Gray quickly agreed and followed the PCI members outside and around the corner of the front-facing of the market. The video shows Gray spending roughly half an hour attempting to explain his actions to the group. He said he had no intention of having sex with the girl, claiming he suffered from impotence.

Stunned, the group responded that no one had said anything about sex. “You said that,” one of the PCI members said, asking why he raised the topic.

Gray openly conceded that he and the girl talked about her trying on clothes and modeling for him. He also admitted that he asked the girl to strip down to her undergarments when asked. “I did say that,” he replied.

In another bizarre twist, Gray also owned up to talking to the girl about giving her a bubble bath and giving her a massage. However, he tried to defend himself by saying he only wanted to cuddle the girl and make out with her.

The clip ended with local law enforcement officials briefly placing Gray in handcuffs.

The Problem with Civilian Operated Sting Operations

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported on the incident, and the difficulty law enforcement officials have in arresting and convicting individuals exposed by civilian sting operations.

The Enquirer cited a 2018 incident involving a local sheriff’s deputy. A detective sergeant assigned to the Regional Electronics and Computer Investigations Division said the operations carried out by civilian groups typically don’t result in criminal prosecutions and convictions. According to him, their intervention makes it more difficult for law enforcement officials to investigate and prosecute offenders successfully.


Goshen Local Schools Superintendent Darrell Edwards posted a message to parents announcing Gray’s resignation from the school board on Sunday, April 24. He also advised that school district officials would consult legal counsel about the incident.

Additionally, local NBC affiliate WLWT reported that Goshen police officers searched Gray’s home and transferred him to a local hospital for psychiatric observation on Monday.

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