Scary New Tool Unveiled to Promote Weight Loss

Scary New Tool Unveiled to Promote Weight Loss

( – Weight loss and dieting are a multi-billion dollar industry. Researchers and companies are always looking for ways to help people shed weight and live a healthier lifestyle. However, the latest weight-loss tool, developed by UK researchers and Otago University, is not one for the faint of heart.

The new DentalSlim Diet Control device looks more like a medieval torture device than a modern contraption and is more than a little bizarre by most standards.

Here’s how it works — and you might want to sit down before continuing. The DentalSlim device is composed of a set of magnets that locks the upper and lower teeth together. The concept behind this new tool is simple. People using the device can only enjoy a liquid diet, perhaps a little jello or pudding for the brave. They are only able to open their mouths 0.2 centimeters.

But wait, it gets worse. Users can’t install the device themselves. Instead, a dentist must fit the tool to their teeth using locking bolts on the upper and lower jaw. Researchers claim the device doesn’t obstruct breathing, but they probably didn’t take panic into account when conducting their study.

On the plus side, participants in a recent clinical trial of the device reported they lost an average of about 14 pounds over a 2-week period. They did note that their quality of life decreased when they used it though. There’s no word on when or if it will be available in the US.

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