Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Development Reaches Completion

Russia's Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Development Reaches Completion

( – Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline received heavy opposition from other countries, including the US, for the better part of a decade. Nevertheless, Russia and Germany kept pushing for its construction. On Friday, September 10, the head of Gazprom, the parent company of the pipeline’s owner/operator, announced the completion of the project’s construction phase.

Opposition to the pipeline varied. For instance, European countries thought it would give Russia too much control over their natural gas supplies. Poland and Ukraine stand to lose billions of euros in transportation fees from Russia. Additionally, the US is working on completing its transportation systems for getting natural gas to Germany.

The Trump administration opposed the pipeline’s construction. Congress also voted to impose sanctions against Russia as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2020, which effectively killed the pipeline’s construction.

The Biden administration later reversed course, claiming the construction of the pipeline was inevitable. It worked with Germany to create a compromise deal that included threats of sanctions if Russia tried to leverage a political advantage from the pipeline in the future.

Administration officials also agreed to provide $50 million in green energy technology credits to Ukraine. Germany will put up a billion dollars to offset the loss of future gas transit fees.

Could this be yet the latest chapter in Joe Biden’s abandonment of Donald Trump’s “America first” style of dealing with foreign policy issues?

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