Russia Not Invited to Massive Cybercrime Meeting

Russia Not Invited to Massive Cybercrime Meeting

( – Cybercrime isn’t anything new. However, it appears to have hit a fevered pitch with hackers targeting critical infrastructure systems globally in recent months. The United States convened an international meeting on cybercrime with representatives of 29 other countries on Wednesday, October 13. Conspicuously absent from the list of attendees? Russia.

US law enforcement officials attribute two of the year’s highest-profile ransomware attacks to cybercriminals operating out of Russia: the Colonial Pipeline hack and one targeting meatpacking facilities.

President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a summit over the summer, and the topic of cybercrime arose. However, it appears that Putin has done little to nothing to put a halt to Russia-based hacking operations. Some US analysts have gone as far as to assert that the Kremlin has granted tacit approval to ransomware groups without becoming directly involved in their activities.

For that reason, the Biden administration appears to be working towards creating an international effort to fight cybercrime without relying on Russian authorities.

The meeting will include a series of six sessions exploring topics ranging from the use of cyber currency for ransom payments to using foreign diplomacy to reduce future attacks. The virtual gathering concludes on Thursday, October 14.

Will this meeting take the US and its global partners in the right direction regarding pushing back against cybercrime, or is it all just a bunch of talk?

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