Russia Attempts To Smooth Over Situation After Uproar

Russia Attempts To Smooth Over Situation After Uproar

( – Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, Yevgeny Prigozhin’s mercenary fighters — the Wagner Group — joined to help Russian President Vladimir Putin seize control of the sovereign nation. On June 23, the Wagner chief accused the Russian military of attacking his encampments and turned on Moscow to reportedly remove the defense minister. The infighting ended in a deal brokered by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Now the government is trying to smooth the ordeal over.

On the day of the rebellion, Putin spoke about what was happening and called the Wagner Group’s action as an “internal betrayal” and an act of “treason.” He said anyone who participated in the march against Russia would face “punishment.” Ultimately, he agreed to give those fighters and their leader amnesty, but Prigozhin had to leave Russia in exile. He will be living in Belarus.

In the wake of the rebellion, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin called for unity to calm the controversy in the aftermath of the Wagner Group’s actions. He asked his country to stand behind Putin so Russia could succeed in its mission to overtake Ukraine. Mishustin said although Moscow had admittedly faced some instability, Russian “sovereignty and independence” must remain the main focus for all.

Prigozhin has also released a statement in the aftermath of the events, he has denied allegations that he was trying to carry out a coup. He stated he decided to mobilize his troops against the Kremlin to “prevent [its] destruction.” The mercenary group leader criticized the Russian military for their weakness which allowed his men to go 500 miles toward the capital without a problem. The Wagner chief didn’t reveal what he planned to do next — if anything.

Although Putin granted those involved amnesty, he issued a statement on June 26 saying he would bring the organizers to justice and assuring Russian citizens that the military would have stopped the rebellion anyway.

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