Russia Announces Hypersonic Missile Launch

Russia Announces Hypersonic Missile Launch

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin has been testing President Joe Biden for months. In April, he went as far as warning the United States and its allies of a “rapid and harsh” response if it crossed an imaginary “red line” during his state of the nation address. Unfortunately, Putin managed to up the ante again this week.

On Monday, October 4, Russia’s Defense Ministry announced it test-fired a hypersonic Zircon cruise missile from a nuclear-powered submarine for the first time. Russian officials also confirmed its Yasen-class submarine fired one shot from the surface and one submerged from an undisclosed location in the White Sea at targets in the Barents Sea.

Russian military officials previously tested the missile from a navy frigate over the summer. President Putin praised the test flights. According to him, they can achieve speeds 9 times the speed of sound and can travel distances up to about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers).

Russian officials hope to complete the test phase of Zircon missiles by year’s end. If they can meet that goal, its navy plans on commissioning them sometime in early 2022.

Although Zircon missiles don’t present a direct threat to US territory, they could pose a risk elsewhere as global tensions continue mounting between Russia and Western allies.

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