Rudy Giuliani Threatens to Walk out of Fox Interview (VIDEO)

Rudy Guiliani Threatens to Walk out of Fox Interview (VIDEO)

( – All hell broke loose between Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guiliani and Fox Business host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery during an October 27 interview. Guiliani was discussing recent allegations regarding Joe Biden’s family when the interview became hostile.

Kennedy pressed Giuliani about the reliability of information found on a laptop allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden, the Democratic nominee’s son. She suggested “some might say that [Giuliani was] acting like Christopher Steele,” the infamous author of the Trump dossier.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Giuliani responded, asking her to apologize. Visibly angry, he listed off his impeccable credentials and pointed out how he hasn’t been accused of anything before.

Giuliani also suggested Kennedy come to his office and review the evidence he collected against Hunter Biden, adding that she could apologize afterward.

The former NYC mayor also accused Kennedy of defaming his character and calling him a “criminal.” Still obviously upset, he told her he thought their interview was “now over.” She tried to talk him down, but the interview concluded a few seconds later. Who can blame him?

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