Ron DeSantis to Sign Critical Election Bill

Ron DeSantis to Sign Critical Election Bill

( – It’s been six months since the 2020 elections, and for many, more questions remain regarding the validity of their outcome than answers. The conservative non-profit Heritage Action for America announced plans to launch a multi-million dollar campaign to strengthen election integrity in several swing states earlier this year. By April, legislatures of 47 states introduced 361 bills strengthening their election laws.

Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis hopped on board earlier this year and called for the passage of election security measures during his State of the State speech. On Thursday, April 29, both of Florida’s Republican-led legislative chambers passed a new election security bill, and Gov. DeSantis indicated he would sign the measure once it reaches his desk.

The new legislation prohibits ballot harvesting and bars counties from using private funds for elections. It also improves ballot signature verification procedures, prevents the mass mailing of absentee ballots, secures drop boxes, adds voter ID requirements for mail-in voting, and includes several other important measures.

The right to vote is a fundamental part of being an American. Hopefully, these new laws in Florida and other states will prevent a repeat of the election-related chaos of 2020.

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