Rockets Cause Damage Near US Embassy in Iraq

Rockets Cause Damage Near US Embassy in Iraq

( – Tensions have been rising in Iraq since President Joe Biden assumed office in January. The country has been unstable to a certain extent for decades. The United States has led various coalition forces against Iraq, starting with the 1990 Persian Gulf War. US military forces have been stationed there since former President Saddam Hussein was deposed in 2003. He was executed in December 2006 after being found guilty by an Iraqi court of crimes against humanity.

Concerningly, there has been a significant increase in aggression against the remaining US armed forces in Iraq in the last several months. On Thursday, July 8, several Katyusha rockets landed in and around Iraqi capital city Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone near the US Embassy before daybreak.

Iraqi security forces reported that one rocket landed near the national security building, a second one in an open courtyard. A third rocket landed in a nearby residential location and damaged a civilian vehicle.

The attack followed a series of separate attacks on military installations housing US military personnel in Iraq and Syria.

Instability Spreads Throughout Iraq

On Wednesday, July 7, US Army Col. Wayne Marotto, the Operation Inherent Resolve spokesman, announced an attack on Ain Al-Asad Air Base, an Iraqi military installation housing US troops. Marotto reported that 14 rockets hit the base at about 12:30 in the afternoon, local time. The rockets landed on the base and its perimeter, resulting in two minor injuries. The nationality of the injured parties remains unclear at this time.

Tamer Badawi, an Iraqi strategic analyst, and author posted a tweet with a screenshot and English translation of a statement from Liwa Tha’ar al-Muhandis, a militia group claiming credit for the attack. They claimed to have fired 30 rockets, starting at 12:33 p.m. at the base. The statement concluded with a vow to drive occupying forces from “our lands.”

That incident marks the latest in a series of attacks and airstrikes against installations housing US military personnel. On July 6, multiple weaponized drones and rocket fire targeted Erbil International Airport in an Iraqi city called Kurdistan. A US base located on the airport’s grounds was the target of that attack. The previous day, a drone weaponized with explosives was shot down after it approached the US Embassy compound in Baghdad.

US officials have blamed Iran-based militia groups for the bulk of the recent attacks against American troops stationed in Iraq. On Thursday, Col. Marotto spoke out about the attacks, noting that they undermine the authority of the rule of law, Iraqi national sovereignty, and the authority of Iraqi officials.

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