RNC Contractor Reportedly Breached in Cyberattack

RNC Contractor Reportedly Breached in Cyberattack

(RepublicanPress.org) – Cyberattacks continue to wreak havoc on American businesses and the economy. For example, the Colonial Pipeline hack created fuel shortages in the South and Eastern US. Pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to take action to curb those attacks. It’s become particularly important in light of the $70-million ransom demanded by the Russian-linked REvil cybercrime gang.

On July 6, Silicon Valley technology company SYNNEX issued a press release announcing it sustained a targeted attack on its cloud-based servers as part of an effort to hack into several customer applications. SYNNEX said it was in the process of conducting a “thorough review” of the attempted breach. A third-party cybersecurity company and Microsoft officials are assisting in that effort.

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesperson Mike Reed informed media representatives that, although the committee uses SYNNEX cloud services, there was “no indication” they were hacked or that any stored “information has been taken.”

RNC Chief of Staff Richard Walters added that the committee blocked access to its SYNNEX accounts the instant it received notification of the attack.

Fortunately, everything appears to have ended up okay this time. However, these cyberattacks are getting out of control, which begs the question: “How exactly do we keep data safe anymore?”

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