RFK Jr. Now Considering Libertarian Run

RFK Jr. Now Considering Libertarian Run

(RepublicanPress.org) – The system for election presidents in the US is skewed against independent candidates. In many states, presidential hopefuls not aligned with a party face more demanding requirements to get their name on the ballot. For example, independent presidential candidates must submit 5,000 signatures to appear on Alabama’s ballot, but Republicans and Democrats only need to obtain 500 or 50 from each congressional district. As a result, Robert F. Kennedy Jr is considering running on the Libertarian ticket.

On January 27, Kennedy sat down for a brief interview with CNN host Michael Smerconish. The two discussed some of the pressing political issues like the crisis at the southern border and former President Donald Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, informally known as his administration’s “stay in Mexico” policy.

The conversation drifted to current polling and whether or not Kennedy would be able to meet the requirements for placement on the presidential ballots in all 50 states, DC, and US territories. Kennedy confirmed his intention to be on the ballots nationwide. He reminded viewers that people thought it would take him weeks to obtain the required 3,000 signatures for New Hampshire. “We got 5,000 in a single day,” Kennedy boasted.

Smerconish asked Kennedy if he had considered running as a Libertarian candidate to ease the process of getting on the ballot. Kennedy said his campaign was “looking at” the possibility of doing so.

Kennedy said he and his campaign “have a really good relationship” with Libertarians. He pointed out that he’s giving a speech at the California Libertarian Party’s upcoming convention. Kennedy also noted that he was talking to the officials with New York’s Libertarian Party about speaking there, too.

Smerconish concluded the interview by playing an interview he held with Libertarian Party National Chair Angela McArdle last fall. She appeared to indicate the party would consider allying with Kennedy.

Turning to Kennedy, Smerconish said it sounded like McArdle was welcoming him to seek their help in gaining ballot position nationwide. Kennedy confirmed that his team had been talking to Libertarian Party officials. He said he was “comfortable with most” of the party’s “values” and would continue speaking with them.

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