RFK Jr. Family Members Reportedly Throwing Support Behind Biden

RFK Jr. Family Members Reportedly Throwing Support Behind Biden

(RepublicanPress.org) – In late 2023, now-former Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. launched his campaign for president as an Independent. Some are concerned that the Kennedy name, rather than the man himself, will draw votes away from the presumptive presidential candidates — Democratic President Joe Biden and Republican former President Donald Trump. Many of Kennedy’s family members have made their thoughts clear on the matter.

On March 17, dozens of Kennedys spanning three generations and four branches visited the White House to join Biden for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. While their families have a long, friendly history and the visit was largely personal, there was a political element in there as well. According to NBC News, the visit was part of a larger effort to support Biden. One senior member of the Kennedy family said there was a “point” of having everyone present. Reportedly, some members of the family are taking active parts in helping Biden’s candidacy.

Many members of the Kennedy family are concerned about Robert Kennedy Jr. siphoning votes away from Biden and handing Trump the presidency in 2024. So, they are publicly standing for the president and plan to help him win reelection.

Kerry Kennedy is reportedly the main organizer banding together her family against RFK Jr. She posted a picture of her family’s visit to the White House with Biden. The post stated, “It’s not enough to wish the world were better; you have to make the world better.” Ms. Kennedy said Biden is someone who “make[s] the world better.”

While many members of the Kennedy family were outspoken about the support of the president and their plans to support him during his campaign actively, others were more subdued about their feelings. Given the sensitive nature of the situation regarding their family member, they would rather simply state their support rather than actively participate.

Still, an insider said the majority of the Kennedys oppose RFK Jr.’s run, and others are downright “furious.” They reportedly think he could tarnish their good name.

Joseph Kennedy II, Rory Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend released a statement in October publicly denouncing RFK Jr.’s candidacy, stating his run “against Joe Biden is dangerous to our country.”

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